There are many services available in the area of response to violent intruder and active shooter incidents. The difference you will find with NSSC is our focus on violence prevention on these devastating incidences by providing training that focuses on the ever-evolving mental health crisis and identifying risks and behavioral precursors to school violence. We offer personalized school safety consulting and school safety coaching to accomplish this violence prevention based on our RIPL model.

We know that students are at their best when they are in healthy and safe school climates, surrounded by supportive and nurturing adults. Our RIPL training focuses on four foundational truths that teaches that every adult can have a positive effect on preventing acts of violence in our schools and organizations.
  • Relational:
    NSSC focuses on creating a healthy, safe, and secure school culture and climate through building meaningful relationships with students.


  • Impactful:
    NSSC believes each person is uniquely created for a special purpose. Tools will be given to staff to help each student grow personally and reach their full potential.


  • Preventative:
    NSSC will help provide a better understanding of societal factors and behavioral precursors that may lead to violence. This can translate to a healthier culture and climate throughout the organization and can be a huge factor in creating school safety.


  • Leadership:
    NSSC will instill the belief that all students will be positively influenced by the power of at least one caring adult who serves each student through their leadership.



RIPL Training will equip your school with hands-on TOOL KITS for teachers and leadership to ensure that your team is fully supported throughout your RIPL experience.

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Check out our Testimonials page to see who have benefited from and loved our violence prevention presentations, our school safety consulting, and our programs built to build a safer and more secure school environment. If you'd like to read more about our professional safety consultants and coaches, read our Our Team page. Make to sure visit the Contact page to work with us to nurture school safety.

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