Happy snowy Sunday, Ben!


I received this email from a parent of three students in our district. They are all elementary students. She is on several safety committees and has become an expert on school safety. She agrees with you and me that school safety preparedness must come in layers, and that the best tool in our arsenal is school climate and culture – through positive relationships - the power of RIPL. 


She shared this great feedback with me, so I would like to forward it to you. Very powerful!


Tim Lutz from Bemidji School

Mr Lutz
I taught children’s church today and I had 3 MS girls who helped me. I asked them how the RIPL training was at school this past week.They said it was awesome. I asked if they thought it would help people and they said YES! One girl said, “I saw people in tears crying that I thought would never cry. They seem so tough. It’s nice to know they have a heart!”

Just thought I’d pass along to you - they were all three impressed! Sometimes nice to know a difference  has been made.



What energy you have to have to put on such an assembly.  The kids were tuned in!!  I just hope they follow through with the wonderful message you left with us.  Kids are hurting.  I see it everyday.  Oh, if we all would step up and help. What a world we would live in!!  Thank you for coming to the school and sharing with all of us.  You were powerful.  May God guide and bless both you and Scott as you continue this journey.

Barb from Pillager School




You could hear a pin drop in our assembly.  Every student and staff member could relate to the presentation.  It was real.  It was powerful.  Most importantly, it reminded us all that we are in this thing called life together and we need one another.  Our school and our community is a better place because of our RIPL training.

Nevin from Stephen Argyle School


RIPL was an absolutely amazing workshop!  I was promised a powerful and impactful training experience, and I was NOT disappointed.  Ben Rudrud delivered a powerful message with passion and energy, mixed with a healthy measure of humor, in order to keep our staff focused and spellbound for two hours. 

Staff members alternated between laughter and tears throughout the inspiring, uplifting, and informative workshop provided by Ben Rudrud. A great many audience members thanked me for bringing to our district such a high quality staff development experience.  I have never brought into our district a more effective and powerful presenter as Ben Rudrud of RIPL. 

As of today, our entire staff at Bemidji School District, from bus drivers custodians and food service staff to administrators, teachers, and para-professionals, has been trained in RIPL.  I am supremely confident that this training will significantly increase the capacity of our district staff to build better relationships with students and to improve our climate and culture.  The power and potential of RIPL is awesome!    

Tim Lutz

Superintendent, Bemidji Area Schools

Student Testimony from facebook

K.R.  One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life truly impacted me and made me want to be better in so many ways. Thank you so much for coming to Underwood.


September 2019

Ben , first thank you for bringing your strong message and enthusiasm to the staff and students of East Grand Forks. This was a treat for all of us to hear that there is good in everyone and we all have meaning. I was very impressed with the content of the 1 hour presentation and the way you captured the audience. The best part of the day was when the students had a chance to reach out to the staff and open up to each one of them. I saw people crying and teachers hugging kids and that is so powerful. With Depression, teenage suicide and drugs being ever so present in high schools around the world this is a great tool that encourages us all the challenge ourselves to be better. As the Activities Director I feel we give kids a place where they feel comfortable and part of something. I think through activities we learn great life lessons and learn to belong to a Team.

Scott from East Grand Forks


Ben, thank you for coming to Stephen Argyle school. What an amazing assembly. Your passion and excitement shines through you as you speak life into these students. 

I was able to go into the classroom shortly after you spoke and reflected on what you talked about. The students were so full of joy and had nothing but positive things to say about your talk. 

Please continue going out and doing what your doing in these schools. Speaking truth and love and life into kids is your gift. I am thankful we were able to see you use it on our kids!! 

Stephanie from Stephen-Argyle Central


Relationships are key and any educator who doesn't understand that has missed the mark.  One of the fun things watching you work is how you understand this importance. I think @ Pillager, as a staff, we are able to develop those instrumental relationships for all of our students.

Jim from Pillager


September 2019

Thanks, Ben for sharing such an inspirational message this week with our Pillager Elementary, Middle and High School Students.  You did a great job of tailoring you presentation to maintain the focus of our students at ALL three presentations. The message was exactly what our students needed to hear and it went off without a hitch. Thanks again for your time and inspirational message

Jason from Pillager




September 2019

National School Safety Consulting came to our school and gave the RIPL Training to our entire student body.  During the presentation, I could see that the students completely engaged even, for some, to the point of emotion.  Ben did a great job and I felt that the students, as well as teachers, left the assembly feeling rejuvenated and positive.  Great Job!

Chris from Pillager


August 2019

I had the privilege of attending your RIPL refresher presentation for our staff today. I just wanted to send an email thanking you for the impact that you have made within my own mindset on my leadership role as well as many, many others. I was also blessed, back in May, with the opportunity of being a part of a RIPL presentation that you gave to the students and staff at Park Rapids Middle School. I was lucky enough have a substitute teaching job in the middle school that specific day. It sincerely has had a lasting impact on me and the actions I plan to take going into my first year of teaching. I would call it divine intervention that I was there that day this past Spring. The opportunity that I have as a teacher to make a difference in student’s lives and to be someone Power of One, is incredible. RIPL has helped paint the picture for me of just how important my role as a teacher can be. It’s not just about the content that I teach. In fact, it’s about a lot more than that. Thank you for the work that you do. With the guidance of your RIPL training as well as my own teacher/ student relationships, I firmly believe the impact in schools will be huge.

Alyssa from Bertha-Hewitt


August 2019


I wanted to say that I thought your training was a homerun! The way you engaged us with your passion and knowledge was very powerful and eye opening. I go to roughly 30 trainings/seminars a year and this was the most moving and heart felt of them all. Thank you for your passion and your drive!


Mark from Bemidji


August 2019

Great job by Ben and you on delivering such a powerful message to our staff.  We had a lot of great comments/feedback from our entire staff regarding our RIPL training yesterday.  I had one staff member comment that the RIPL Training/Message was the BEST, most meaningful and relevant training they have ever had in the past 20 years AND I totally agree.

Dave from Underwood Schools



August 2019

There are few presentations that I have witnessed that left the impact that RIPL was for us.  I thank you for the time, energy, and challenging us. We will be better educators and people because of what you shared with my faculty and staff.  Keep up the good work, because YOU are making a difference.


John from Underwood Schools

March 29, 2019

I want to thank you for creating an organization that shares such a powerful message with students and adult leaders at LPGE Elementary.  This was one of the most powerful, meaningful and timely messages that I have ever heard.  The outpouring of support shown by our students during and following the assembly makes me hopeful for our students' future and success.  Ben, your energy resonated with our students and staff and it pulled everyone into your presentation.  Thank you again for your message and I look forward to working with you again in the future. 

Tammy Cebulla

Elementary Principal

May 3, 2019

How do you get 400 Awesome Menahga Elementary Students to hang on every word? You bring in Ben and the RipL Training! Thank You so much for taking time to help support our students (and staff)! Everyone is still talking about being AWESOME, helping others, and celebrating the uniqueness of everyone. One of my SWAT team members said..."Ben taught us to be ourselves, there are to many of everybody else!" Ben...you are Awesome! @RipL Training #PowerofOne #menahgapride #pbismn #ENVoY7gems www.ripltraining.org

May 2, 2019


Thank you again for your time yesterday! Today in my 3rd-grade assembly, we addressed the bullying question and moved forward with acts of kindness, give respect to get respect, and the Boomerang Kindness video. 
We received a message from a 1st-grade parent last night. Here is what her son said:

"Mom we had a guy come talk and I LOVED him. Mom your special." He then proceeded to give her a hug! Winning! --Jeannie, Menahga

May 2019

Students came into the gym that was just full of energy from Ben. Ben was impactful to our students from the first second his presentation started. The words he spoke really impacted not just the student but the teachers as well. At the end all the teachers had the chance to see what students self identified as having a need for the power of one. You can see a different in how our students treat each other after hearing his words.  (Menahga)

April 2019

Thanks Ben for sharing such an important message today with our Underwood students.  It was well received, the students were very attentive, and Ben's ability and skill to keep them focused and excited is truly a gift.

Again, thanks for the program today.  My hope is that the message was taken to heart and mind, that students think about their actions, and besides helping themselves also help others.

John Hamann, Underwood School



Apriil, 2019

Hi, Ben Rudrud was recently in Baudette Mn presenting to elementary as well as secondary students. I am a paraprofessional and was in his elementary presentation with a student, with autism, high functioning, ostracized, victimized, some days traumatized by situations/students/sensory overloads. Ben held his attention, had him participating, and smiling. It was a very energetic experience that allowed my student to express himself and share things with me that otherwise would have had no way to unfold the way they did.  Thank you for that. I find myself reaching out to the students that struggled through the exit line at the end. The ones that really stood out I rework my routes through the building so I meet them in passing so I can see their face and read their unspoken communications and quietly say their name and a quiet greeting. They need to know somebody knows they are in the building. Thank you for reminding me to do this.  I was also in the crowd with a high school student, very different special needs. Again student stayed in attendance,  was engaged, and a part of the whole experience. That doesn't happen often.  I am sure many parts of the presentation hit "home". You give these students a presence they don't always feel. Thank you for giving them back a part of themselves. Thank you both for this program, the energy it is presented with, and the sincere way it is shared. Bless you both and we wish you safe travel and much success as you continue to help our youth remember they have a reason for being. Thank you and God bless.

Dawn O., Lake of the Woods


March 20, 2019

Hi Ben-I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your presentation at Marshall County Central!  I will go straight to my "eye opener" moment.  Seeing so many (too many) 5-8th grade boys and girls in tears at the end of your presentation, blew me away.  For an adolescent to be moved to tears in front of their peers is powerful, and I thank you for that eye opener!  I think of the great Jim Valvano's speech about what a day should look like; "if you are able to think, if you are able to laugh and if you are moved to tears,  you have had one heck of a day!"  I have had two days in a row like that after your presentation.  Again, thank you for the tools you have opened us to and for your passion!   

Tom Maki, Special Education, MCC Freeze


March 19, 2019

Dear Ben, 

Today you presented at our school.  As you spoke I could see the words you were saying, touching our students hearts.  The reality of the hardships they face were coming out of your mouth and so many were knodding their heads and acknowledging what you were saying to be true.  When you had the faculty come down, at first I panicked because I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Watching them raise their hands as you spoke to them about needing someone to trust melted my heart.  As the students lined up for us to acknowledge them, I could see in many of their eyes that they had been crying or what you said really hit home.  

Afterwards, the students said this was the best presentation that we have had.  I could hear them talking about it in the hallway.  

From my point of view, this was a very necessary and important training, I look forward to the faculty one coming up.  We do love these kids and many are going through so many hardships that we don’t even know about.  Making sure we are available when they need someone is so important, relationships matter!  

Thank you for  reminding us that kindness is the best gift of all!  


Terri Peterson, Teacher/Coach - Marshall County Central 


October 28, 2018

We just completed our safety assessment with National School this past week.  Ben spent two hours with our staff talking on the RIPL aspect and the need to make connections with students. I also agree with Vern that the training was very meaningful to our staff and admin.  This aspect of our schools and students are often forgotten or put off because of time or cost and the needs with our current society should make it more of a priority..  Ben also shared a very thorough summary of the staff and student surveys that we can look at to see what the needs are for future training for both groups.  He also completed a very solid threat assessment for our buildings with suggestions for improvements that I will share with our board. I was very impressed with all the aspects that they provided for our District and would highly recommend the work done.




Mike Malmberg, Pillager Schools


Date: August 28, 2018


Ben, George, and Scott spoke to our entire staff today about RIPL. It was amazing. It was the first time anyone has given us concrete ways to not only prevent school violence but to also make school a better place every day. Most people go into teaching because they are nurturers, so the RIPL approach feels natural and right.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you!



Each of these three men, in addition to their individual professional drive and expertise in their field, have an incredible personal life force and genuine call to serve people. They are high impact people who are motivated to deliver excellence. Together they will affirm and elevate your staff, who will then serve your students, causing the kind of ripple effect that is needed for a safe and thriving school environment. Together, they are a dream team of caring professionals whose wisdom, experience, and proactive mission is valuable, needed, and not to be missed out on.

Sonja Riddle, teacher who worked with Scott and received trainings from Ben and George


Having known Scott Doss for a number of years, I have seen up close his passion for doing things right - and more importantly, doing the right things! Scott’s work as a hands-on school principal has given him the insight to know that the culture surrounding an environment is even more important in keeping dangerous situations from happening, then responding to a crisis event.

Herb Bloomquist
Shamineau Ministries Executor Director


As all of you know, safety in our schools and other public places is a big priority. I would highly recommend Ben Rudrud and his Violent Intruder Awareness Class. Ben is a true leader when it comes to safety and his passion for that safety is second to none.

John Poston, Minnesota State Representative


Scott’s guiding principle is to, “Do what’s best for kids”. This means he sets his expectations high for both students and teachers and will NEVER give up on a student.  Scott’s greatest talents lie in connecting with people, both young and old. Not just because it is a part of his job, but because it is his passion to help individuals become the very best version of themselves. Scott is always welcoming and sincere yet does not shy away from the “hard” conversations; he recognizes that it is in those hard conversations, that real connections are made.

Steve Uban PE, NPDP, ISCP Innovation Engine Mechanics, School Board Member


I am grateful for Ben Rudrud’s presentation of site security and awareness in the safety of our congregation. Ben brings passion, genuine concern, and in depth knowledge for preparing an oganization, be it church or school or business. Thank you Ben!

Daniel S Johnson, Pastor


I have known and worked with George Tetrault for over 24 years. George is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in regards to children’s mental health, as well as how it impacts the educational environment. George’s ability to train staff and help them understand how to set up educational environments for students to be successful is second to none. George’s focus on building relationships with students and using positive behavior supports allows teachers to really see the impact they can have on creating a safe educational environment for all students. George’s years of experience working in schools and training staff means he knows and understands the challenges educators face. This allows him to make his trainings relevant and give teachers the tools they can use and implement immediately.

Nancy Anderson
Assistant Director of Special Education, Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative
Principal, Lincoln Education Center

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